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The Trading Suite is available for free for DIAMOND and PLATINUM premium subscribers

This trading suite offers a complete package to traders, both long- and short-term. The idea here is that by combining FieryTrading Trading Suite A and B, one can get a better grip on the markets, thus making more profitable trades. This trading suite is suited for all time frames and assets. Ideally one would combine this trading suite with their own strategies or indicators.


This indicator pack consists of several parts and offers quite some customization.


FieryTrading Suite A


Bar Trend: the bars will get colored according to the current, short-term, trend. Green is bullish, red is bearish and yellow is neutral. By tweaking the Bar Trend Length one can make the bar trend more or less responsive. Higher lengths are better for long term trading, whereas a shorter length is better for short-term or scalping.


MTF EMA: this is actually two indicators in one. First, we have the EMA on the chart, which is a general current trend indicator. Above the EMA means bullish, under the EMA means bearish. This EMA is also colored according to the long-term trend, which gets pulled from a higher time-frame. Green means long term bullish, red long-term bearish, yellow neutral.


Overshoot Area: the green and red bands around the price are areas where the price might potentially reverse from. This works exceptionally well in consolidating (horizontal) markets. The wider the overshoot area, the stronger the trend. A very tight overshoot area might indicate that the price will soon make a strong move. Increase the overshoot length to make it better suited for long-term. Decrease the length for better detection of small moves.



  1. Extreme bars: when turned on, the bars will color blue if the price reaches a potential strong area of reversal or consolidation. Blue bars are also great areas to exit your current position. Increase the Extreme Multiplier in case you want it less responsive. Decrease the multiplier to quicker spot extreme bars, but with a higher margin of error.

  2. FieryTrend: due to its popularity, I’ve decided to included my FieryTrend indicator in the Trading Suite. It’s a great tool to manually find trend lines, resistances and supports. See my FieryTrend indicator for more info.

  3. Fractals: when turned on, this option will display fractals on the chart. These fractals are mainly used for stop-loss determination, but can be used for other strategies as well.

  4. FT B Reversal: when turned on, this will place reversals of the FieryTrend Suit B on the chart. Make sure to keep the inputs of the FT B indicator the same on both the A and B suite. It might trigger some false-positives, don’t trade this blindly. Wait for the lighter color to completely disappear behind the darker one on FT B.


Alerts: Alerts can be created for Extreme Bars, Bar Trend and FieryTrading Suite B Reversals. Bar trend currently triggers an alert of every bullish / bearish bar, want to make it trigger once in the future, but I’m encountering an unknown bug.


FieryTrading Suite B


This oscillator tries to give traders an idea of the current trend, as well as trend reversals. The higher the lengths, the bigger the potential trends can become. Be aware that higher lengths are less responsive to market movements. The default inputs are best for most traders. Alerts for this indicator can be made in the FT Trading Suite A, indicated by the blue up / down triangles.



Potential strategies


There are several potential strategies that one can follow by just looking at the chart. Here are some examples:


1.0 For longer term trades one could simply trade the bar colors. Buy when the bar goes green, sell when it goes red.

1.1 You could exit the trade at either an Extreme Bar or when the price enters the Overshoot Area

1.2 During bullish trends (green bars, green MTF EMA), you could spot potential entries with the FieryTrading suite B. Enter on every dip on the oscillator. Inverse would be true for shorts.


2.0 You could trade the FT B Reversals during their respective trend. So, trade bearish reversals during a red MTF EMA, bullish reversals during a green MTF EMA.


Never trade a specific indicator naked. Always use other indicators to confirm your bias.


For take-profit and stop-loss selection I would generally advise to look at the most recent fractal and place the stop above / below the fractal bar. Bullish trades should look at the pink fractal, bearish trades at the yellow fractal. When no fractal is available, look at the reversal bar and apply the same strategy.

For short term trades I’d advise a risk-reward of 1.5, longer term 2 – 2.5.


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