As you can see in my charts and in my telegram, I like to keep things clean and efficient. Since the start of this channel, I’ve always been striving for maximum transparency. I’m fully aware that the online marketplace for signals is lacking the transparency that both experienced and new investors seek. I want to break that pattern.

week cumulative.png

From the start, every signal that I posted had clear targets and stop-losses drawn on the chart. On my free signal channel, you can look back at every trade I made in the past and see the result for yourself. Also, my telegram channel is clean of advertising and other things that you, as an investor, are not interested in.

Here’s what the premium signals will contain:

  • Detailed entry, targets, and stop-losses for every trade.

  • Regular updates on running trades. 

  • Minimum of 1 premium-only signal per day


The number of signals shared will be related to market volatility. Generally, you can expect 3-6 signals every day. The more volatile the market, the more signals. I exclusively provide signals for Binance pairs.


It's possible to follow my signals automatically with Cornix telegram bot. For info go to

Head over to my free telegram channel for a weekly overview of the trades.

Gains are calculated by (Entry/Exit)-1 and adding those together. For second and third targets, the gains are calculated as (T2/T1)-1. All gains are additive and not multiplicative. Gains may not represent realized gains or account growth.