The premium signals are an extension of the Volcano signal channel. The signals are generated from an advanced algorithm which follows the current trend in the market. All my premium signals are fully supported by, which makes automatic copy trading possible and easy to realize.


From week 29 (19-07-2021) onwards I’ve changed the way that signals are shared in the premium channel. Before week 29, all the signals were manual. The results from before then are not representative for the signals after week 29. In the graph below you can find the results of the signals since they started in week 25 in the volcano signal channel.


Futures signals are traded with 3.33% balance per trade. Spot signals are traded with 5% per trade. Spot and Futures are different channels.

Spot: Binance Spot, KuCoin Spot

Futures: Binance Futures. More added in the future.

The image on the right indicates the results per week, compounded, from the futures channel. The spot channel is based on the same algorithm, so results are very similar. 

premium results.png

In the picture below you can find the back-test of the signals. Back-test below runs from 01-01-2019 till 08-07-2021. 100k starting amount, 5% per trade, no leverage. Real results are much better since we use 3x leverage. Generally, you can expect 1-3 signals per day on average, more if the market is volatile, less if the market is in a quiet period.

Volcano 2.png

Below you can find the results of the premium channel from before week 29. Be aware that these results are not representing balance growth. Below I’ve added the percentages together (additive). These are the old results of the premium channel and not representative for the current strategy deployed.

week cumulative.png