The premium signals are an extension of the Volcano signal channel, and have their own telegram groups. The signals are generated from an advanced algorithm which follows the current trend in the market. All my premium signals are fully supported by, which makes automatic copy trading possible and easy to realize.


Recommended starting amount: $500

Balance per trade invested:

Spot: 5%

Futures: 4%, 5x leverage

Supported exchanges for cornix auto-trading:

Spot: Binance Spot, KuCoin.

Futures: Binance Futures, FTX Futures.

Amount of signals per day:

Spot: 2 - 5, depends on volatility. Less if there's a bearish trend.

Futures: 3 - 10, also depending on volatility.


Spot: 60%-80%

Futures: 65%-85%

The image below indicates the results per week, compounded, from the futures channel. The spot channel is based on the same algorithm, so results are very similar, apart from the leverage and short-trades. We started trading with the new strategy in week 9 2022.

premium results.png